Appearance- largish man appears to be in his early 40s with long blond hair and a long blond mustache

Mannerisms- Boisterous with a think Scottish accent, often twirls his mustache

Wants- Grow his Kingdom into a place that is safe for his people to grow and thrive

Fears- Being overrun by Picts, Having his religeon fade away in favor of Christianity

King Ceretic king of  Alt Clut has recently received a letter from St Patrick accusing him of making off with several of his Irish converts and selling them into slavery. Ceretic is a devout follower of the Celtic gods and no friend to the Christians who he calls “Worshipers of the dead god” He does however have many Christian followers in Alt Clut and recognizes the need to treat with them less he loose his power base. Still he surrounds himself with Druids, bards and men of learning as advisors. Most of these are Celts that relocated here to flee the Romans, or currently are fleeing the saxonish invasion and can usually find welcome at his court. Ceretic has had much trouble with the Picts being situated just west of the Pictish kingdoms and as such has issued an open invitation for any weapons man or woman who wishes to fight for pay. Ceretic is known to be honest fair and generous. Ceretic has two sons named Cinuit, and Dumnagual Hen, and a wife named Bodicca.

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